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Random Memories

It's rather amazing. Somedays I will randomly think of a book I read ages ago, and the mere memory of it takes me back to that exact day. I can remember quite vivdly the way the sunlight shown through my window, exactly what page I was, how I was feeling, the smell of the wind, how sad I was when I finished the book, how happy I was that I had even discovered this book. I love these kinds of memories. They make me so happy. The smell of my favorite perfume at the time also makes me remember amazing things. Like how hot it was while I read Airborn. Or how cold it was when I read Tithe. I love remembering random memories.
 I have this constant fear of losing my memories, I am so scared of getting Alzheimers in my old age. I think I could deal with cancer, any other kind of disease really, but the thought of losing my memories terrifies me. I don't want to forget how it felt when I read A Crack In the Line when I was 15. I don't want to forget how hard I cried when I finished The Sandman. I don't want to forget how hard I laughed while reading Howl's Moving Castle. I don't want to forget how magical it was the first time I read Harry Potter. I look forward to making new memories, but I am so afraid that I will forget my old ones.

Book giveaway!

Presenting Lenore is having a contest to win Liar, Shiver, and Cathcing Fire, to enter go here! http://presentinglenore.blogspot.com/2009/06/bea-saturday-highlights-3-book-prize.html

Sweet Dreams - (rather creepy and funny)

1.Put your iTunes, Windows Media Player, Winamp, etc. on shuffle.
2.For each question, press the next button to get your answer.
4.Put the artist after a dash following the song name.
5.Put any comments in brackets.
6.Tag some lucky people to spread the disease.

Tagging Dom, Audri-la, Beth, and Lauren.

How would you describe yourself?
You Are The One-Shiny Toy Guns
(hells yeah i am the one!)

How do you feel today?
(I don't even know what she's saying!)

What is your life's purpose?
(not my life's purpose.)

What is your motto?
Supermassive Black Hole-Muse

What do you think about very often?
Seventeen-Repo! The Genetic Opera
(random. But yeah, I think about my years as a teen often.)

What is your life story?
One Headlight-The Wallflowers

What do you want to be when you grow up?
You Can't Touch This-MC Hammer

What will you dance to at your wedding?
Map of The Problematique-Muse

What will they play at your funeral?
Before I'm Dead-Kidney Thieves
(that's actually rather creepy.)

What is your hobby/interest?
Walkie Talkie Man-Steriogram
(yeah, I just love running away from the authorities.)

If you could do anything right now, what would it be?
Zydrate Anatomy-Repo!
(yeah, I'd just love to shoot up with some fictionally awesome painkillers right now.)

What do you want most of all?
Time Bomb-Rancid
(i don't really want a time bomb for a boyfriend.)

What is your greatest fear?
Ride On Shooting Star-The Pillows
(I have no clue what they're saying, but I can say that i am afraid of floating away, of losing control.)

What is your darkest secret?
You're Gonna Go Far Kid-The Offspring
(hmm...I don't even know what the song means)
update* according to Dom the song is about war, and i am not afraid of war, so that doesn't make sense

What is your favorite thing in the world?
I Kissed A Girl-Katy Perry
(OH YEAH! I just love to kiss girls! Cuz i do it so damn often, right?!)

If you could have one wish, what would you wish for?
Genie In A Bottle-Christina Aguilera
(you have no idea how much i laughed when this song popped up!)

What is your theme song?
(......  Totally random, and rather creepy, because Muse is my favorite band)

The next time you hear this song (aside from now, that is), you must dance:
Don't Stop The Music-Rihanna

What will you post this as?
Sweet Dreams-Eurythmics
(my dreams are never sweet. i seem to have the same recurring nightmares.)

A fat but really happy me!

So, the other month lauren_myracleasked me to do some fancy schmancy stuff for her, and I consented because she is made of awesome and I cannot deny awesomeness. And then she offered to pay me in books, and asked what I wanted so I told her to surprise me, because surprises are so much better than getting what you asked for. And so after weeks of checking the front porch I finally got my present, I also got pinched in the process, I just noticed, it's actually quite nasty looking, and right below my vein, now I'm wondering what happens when you pinch a vein, or is it artery? Off topic. So here are pictures of me and the package and a really big knife (it was the first sharp object I could find.)






Bliss is signed!



Left to right, top to bottom: Let It Snow, Before I Die, The Queen of Cool, Silver Bough,
The Hunger Games, A Brief Chapter In My Impossible Life, The Year We Disappeared, Bliss,
Wildwood Dancing, and Sucks To Be Me.

I've heard great things about all of these books, and I am incredibly excited!

Thank you so much Lauren!!!!!!!!!! I love you!

I know who I am..

And I like who I am, but sometimes I wanna pretend I'm something I'm not. Sometimes I wanna dress like a hippie just because I think it looks cool for a second, other times I wanna be a punk, or goth, or a metal head. An in some respects I am every single one of those things, considering the people I grew up around and those that raised me. But I made a decision eons ago that I would dress "normal", or as nondescript as possible, jeans and a plain shirt, because I got sick of people looking and judging. I don't want people thinking I'm weird because of the way I dress. If you're gonna call me weird, call me weird because I act funny, say weird things, talk differently, or listen to all types of music but don't have a preference. Not because I dress funny. And yet I still wanna dress up like a goth on random occasions. Pretend I'm thirteen again. Is this normal?


Senior Citizens are skanky

I volunteer for this non-profit organisation that helps people who are HIV+ or have AIDS. I love working here, if I wasn't 100% positive that my destiny is to be a librarian I would be a social worker. Working here has taught me a lot of things, mainly how to be tolerant, especially with the people who not only have the virus but also have mental disabilities like schizophrenia. I have also learned how the virus is contracted, how it destroys the body, and it's almost never the women's fault they have it or gave it. Huge misconception. It is actually a little more difficult for a woman to give it to a man through sex than it is for him to give it to her.

Anyway, here,where I work,most of the people that have it are older people. I'm not saying that these older people are the skanky ones, even though I have heard stories ;), but it's my belief that people are hopefully a little more educated now than they used to be.

Older people are skanky because of Viagra. Yes, senior citizens have been contracting the virus because of Viagra. Not only have they been getting infected with HIV but other venereal diseases as well. I know it's wrong but it kind of makes me giggle.

response to Mimi

Mimi, that was before HPTOTP. That was way better, they cut some of my favorite scenes out of it, but still the best and it is also my favorite book. And, really, I think of the books and movies critically because I have read so many god damn books that I know which books are good because of the story/plot or because the author is an exceptional writer. The same with movies. I may not watch TV often, but I watch way too many movies, both good and bad, and I believe that although the HP movies are awesome, they are only awesome for what they are. Those kids really need to work on their acting, they are much better, but still need practice. In the grand scheme of things those movies are NOT on my all time favorite list of movies, I'm not even sure if the books are on my all time favorite list of books. But I do love them, and I am not biased in how well they are executed so long as they stay true to the plot line and don't incorporate weird shit like talking shrunken heads, and the kids have improved their acting since the last movie, and that's were HPTPOA failed me as a movie, therefore ruining my love for the book. Which is why I loved the 4th movie; it was a hell of a lot better than the 3rd one, and the kids were better at acting, it was as if the 3rd one had never happened and the director had taken his right to leave his imprint but not ruining it like Alfonso Cuarón did in the 3rd one, I didn't get the feeling that he was afraid of making the fans angry like the first two, or that he didn't care what the fans thought like the 3rd one.

Does this make sense to you? And I know you won't agree with me, but at least you now understand my opinion. I am by no means an avid fan, unless you consider being able to look at the books and movies from an artistic point of view rather than an un-swaying follower of the books since she was 9.



Yeah,it was awesome. I got about 16 books in exchange for 23 paperbacks, including Ink Heart, in hardcover! I almost didn't get it though because Sam got to it before I did. I saw it laying on the table but it didn't register to my brain. Then I realized what I had seen right when Sam picked it up. I believe the only reason she decided to keep it at the time was because I really wanted it. She was just being mean. But then a little girl came in with a paperback copy and I somehow managed to convince Sam to trade! YAY! *Happy Dance*

Then Dom cam to pick me up, she got a book too, I gave The Silver Kiss because apparently the ho has never read it. Which completely shocked me. Dom is all knowing when it comes to vampire books. So we went to the 99 cent store and she bought me chocolate! Then at her house we ate chips and dip, CORRECTION! she ate chips and dip, I ate Cheese It's and dip, and soda. Then we went swimming! Cuz it was ridiculously hot. She taught me how to properly do the froggy stroke. And THEN...I saw Dom's ass, no, not her pet donkey, her buttocks. We couldn't stop laughing! It was just SO unexpected! She does have a nice butt, though. Tub-Tub and I played Guitar Hero and I totally pwned his ass! Yeah and I was only on medium, and I can only play on the controller. Then we had TACOS! Yum!

Yesterday was Marie's wedding. It was FUN! Except for the part where everyone was crying because apparently no one ever thought she would actually get married. Which I though was ridiculous because Marie's always wanted to be the stay at home type. She's only ever wanted a kid and a husband. So I never doubted her. But because she went about it in a statistical manner and 'skrewed' up her life, as my mother would say, apparently she was doomed to be the statistical high school drop out single mother. But she's not. She's Marie and she will crush all your hopes and dreams and expectations about her, and then prove you WRONG! Because she's Marie, and she's mah cousin and she's a CHAPMAN!

I digress, we ate a lot mostly, on my behalf, salami and cream cheese and deviled eggs, and about 6 or 7 Sprites. Which my system is so not used to. Especially all that damned sugar. Marie's wedding march was not the traditional wedding march, it was So Happy Together-The Turtles. Our uncle Clyde married Marie and Mike, they had their own vows, blah blah blah. The funnier stuff was when I walked out and surreptitiously grabbed her ass and she thought that Uncle Clyde had done she had a crisis off conscience. She was afraid of what she'd have to tell Aunt Tammi. Then she saw me laughing. And realized what a bitch I am, and we laughed some. We blew bubbles! Marlin took pictures and we got into a sort of argument about the fact that although I remember Lizbeth, Priscilla, Meme, and of course Catalina, I do not remember Marlin. See, Lizbeth is Marie's oldest friend, since about the age of five and whoever Marie is friends with so am I. And I remember Lizbeth and her little sister and little brother and mother (how could I forget Catalina? Seriously? she makes the best tamales EVER!), but I do not remember her older brother Marlin. At least there are no memories of him up until my 13 summer. He said he remembers me because every summer I would come down from Oregon and everyone would make a big deal out of it. I swear there is not a single memory of him in my brain. So we laughed about that.

Nana pulled out all her jewelery and we started saying which ones we wanted and she said to put post-its on them and we'd get them when she died, I laughed, but everyone got annoyed because apparently it's wrong to think of death, especially when it relates to your sick Nana. But Nana doesn't care, and she knows I love her more than she loves me. Nana, I want the Italian Horn!

When it was time to go I smeared cake all over Marlin and he got some in my ear and upset my tympanic membrane. Then I grabbed his butt and Catalina grabbed mine and Priscilla grabbed my Annie's tits, so I grabbed Catalina's, and the injustice continued until we hugged goodbye, at least I though it was good bye, but then Marlin grabbed my ass! I was so shocked! I've never been manhandled by anyone other than my family and my friends, Ok, Marlin practically is family, but I was still caught off guard, and definitely my friend after yesterday. But still, not even Tub-Tub caught me off guard the first time he poked my tit because he'd lost at Guitar Hero, but that's Tub-Tub, Dom's not so little little brother. Anyway he ran away before I could grab his ass. And Poppa laughed at me when I came and complained at him. Huh, talk about paternal responsibilities.

THEN! On the drive home, on the freeway, a car spun out and off from one of those twisty on ramps and on to the first two lanes of the freeway. My aunt Tammi must be one of the best drivers in the world because she manged to change lanes IMMEDIATELY to the last lane, then she pulled over because I think she almost had heart attack. I don't blame her, I squished the lasagna. We are so lucky the guy stopped when he did and she changed lanes so rapidly and that there was hardly any traffic. And we were on the 71. That guy looked so scared too.

I got a call back from Office Max. I get to take a dug test! YES! *HAPPY DANCES*

My Mommy lied to me!

She said that after Andrew's ceremony we would go to The Silver Dollar Pancake House. We didn't. When I asked her about it she laughed and said that she was being sarcastic when she said that to me. Then she forced me to go to work with her.

But I met Debbie. And she is made of awesome. And now I am her intern.

I ate three doughnuts and a very small cup of coffee. Then I got sick because not only am I allergic to coffee, but I am milktose intolerant and I always put coffee into my milk.

Then I had to watch the little ones. Little ones are crazy! First #4 decides she's gonna walk for the first time because she wants my glasses and the wind-chimes I am hiding from her because they intesify my migraine, so everyone cheers her on, then falls on her face and stares at me as if my reaction is going to determine hers (I only met #4 today, by the way), so I laughed. Then she smiled at me and my heart broke. She only has two teeth and on the bottom. My heart broke because she is so cute and her family is in a bad way. Children should never have to go through the crap their parents subject them too, even if unwittingly. Then #3 started screaming because someone took her toy phone away, so I had to take her outside. There we were, white hispanic near adult and 2-3 year old mixed black child. #3 screamed her head off until she realised that I was gonna wait until the end of time for her to stop screaming, so she stopped and started sucking her thumb, so I did too. She giggled and tried to make me stop so I tried to make her stop, she screamed and so did I. Then we went back inside to the blessed air conditioning. #4 had fallen asleep, but #'s 1 & 2 had eaten doughnuts also, The Fat One had eaten six doughnuts. 0_0 I can't even do that. So they were all running around screaming their heads off, locking each other in the mini-conference room. I was skerred. Then Mari's Look Alike, who was with The Fat One, said they should all just play in the mini conference area while the adults filled out their paperwork. Thank Fred for Mari's Look Alike. Then they went home and I kissed #4 goodbye cuz she's a cutie pie.

It's all jokez now with my Mommy though, she bought me Gus Jr.s.

I'm all tired and stuff now.


Life sux

I had an interview with Office Max today and it didn't go too horribly wrong like the one with New York & Company. As it is I would rather work with Office Max than NY&C. Office Max is a hell of a lot more laid back than NY&C. I also applied at Turner's Outdoorsman: Guns, Ammo, and Fishing.

Tomorrow my brother 'graduates' from Jr. High. After the ceremony we get to go to The Silver Dollar Pancake House! Lucky bastard. After my ceremony we only went to Hometowm Buffet.

For some reason my body has decided that I am now allergic to dairy. Whenever I eat my stomach feels horrible and then I feel the need to eat more, which does not help matters because my house is only filled with dairy products or foods with dairy products and I am reall really hungry. I want a smoothie, but most smoothies come with yoghurt.

I hate my life